Everyman’s Taxi


There is a play, written in medieval Europe, called “Everyman”, where a man gets a visitation from an angel, who tells him he has a day to live – and he must get his affairs in order.

1989 South Africa: Nelson Mandela has left Robben Island. In parliament, FW De Klerk officially unbans the ANC. It is the end of an era.

John Dexter is a middle aged white South African male who did the boarding school, played rugby and cricket, did the army, is somewhat racist, got the good job, got the suburban house with the pretty upwardly-mobile blond.

Dexter negotiates rush-hour traffic with a mind-numbing hangover. Taxi drivers wreak havoc with him: Cutting him off and blocking his way. He seethes – yet his face is dangerously inscrutable: This is an old war.

That night he has a nightmare in which the body he nearly hit becomes a horrendous (To Dexter) African mask which bellows: “Two weeks Dexta, and then I am coming to get you!”

Dexter sets out on the road…



PRODUCER – Barbara Jeanne Snell

Portal Films is an award-winning production company across Drama, Nature, Science, History and Human Interest. Producer and founder Barbara Snell started her career more than 20 years ago. Her company has been the recipient of close on thirty awards for television programming – including 2 Avanti Gold Awards. Portal Films has produced more than 50 hours of high-rating and award-winning original material.
DIRECTOR – Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts started off his career as an actor and a respected stage and screen writer. He has directed over 20 hours of award winning drama material for television broadcast. Having featured in many local and International films his vast amount of experience along with his wry humor; fluent Xhosa and a persona that will permeate and prevail in any situation, allows for creative magic on set.